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Premium Adhesion Solutions Where and When You Need Them

Distributors nationwide turn to Adherex Packaging to accelerate their growth. With access to local expertise, a comprehensive product inventory and five regional distribution centers, our short lead times and speed of delivery ensure the security of your supply chain.

Ensuring Critical Performance Across Diverse Applications

With decades of expertise across markets, our growing team of technical experts knows the performance critical during transport, in warehousing operations and across diverse end-use applications.

We couple our knowledge of adhesion, permeability, protection, and resistance with a deep understanding of the environments and exposure that impact product performance. Air, light, humidity, temperature and interaction with other materials that could affect bonds are carefully considered in every solution we recommend.

Lab Technician Testing Quality

Across our facilities, in-house labs test our products to ensure they meet the highest standards of excellence in all applications and in all environments.

For decades, our brands have delivered in every way that matters. Today, Adherex Packaging is bringing these leading brands together to deliver more value than ever before.

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Access to a Broader, More Comprehensive Line of Products

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Hand- and Machine-Rolled Adhesion Solutions.
Available in Multiple Widths, Lengths & Materials.
Customizable to Meet Exacting Customer Specifications.