Custom Glass Packaging: A Vital Service

Mar 28, 2024 | Resources

Manufacturers in the glass business must contend with consistent obstacles, including breakage, damage, staining, scratching, and etching of the product in transit. Additionally, they must keep costs low while keeping shipments on time and sustainability in mind.

At Adherex, we know these pain points well. Since the 1970s, we have worked with glass manufacturers across industries to provide packaging solutions that lower breakage rates and help keep products pristine during transportation.

This post will review the custom glass packaging solutions we have developed over the decades and how they can best serve glass manufacturers and suppliers.

Custom glass packaging solutions

Adherex offers a range of solutions to meet the needs of particular industry specifications.

Industries that utilize our packaging solutions include:
● Automotive
● Architectural
● Solar
Specialty materials

We have established long-lasting relationships with our clients in these fields and created packaging innovations that reduce costs, enhance recyclability, lower shipping weights, and improve performance.

Adherex offers customized glass packaging solutions in three key categories: foam dunnage logs, paper interleaving, and returnable packaging.


Adherex provides a unique, PH control paper filler that layers between panes of glass, protecting your product from the most common material damages. In addition to PH control, the paper we utilize is resin-controlled with minimized sulfur content to prevent stains and discoloration of glass or attached stainless steel (as is the case with some of our automotive clients). Additionally, the paper stock is very thin while being incredibly durable. This paper only comes from one mill in the world, and Adherex has locked in the best rate possible through a decades-long relationship and buying in bulk.

Dunnage logs
Adherex offers custom dunnage logs cut to precise lengths using advanced methods and materials. The most common material is foam, but Adherex has also created a new solution developed to replace waterjet cut foam dunnage logs that are currently used in wood crates for shipping solar panels and similar products.

This new solution is a molded EPP product that is lighter in weight and more economical than cross-linked foam. In the second phase of this solution, a modified attachment method was introduced that adds a channel to the foam, which can be installed in a tongue-and-groove fashion on the crate (patent pending).

Precision Cutting
Die Cutting is a budget-friendly cutting method that slightly compresses foam while causing concavity on the cut edges.

On the other hand, waterjet cutting is a precise technique that uses a high-pressure fine water jet to cut down large pieces of foam. It can produce a perfectly straight cut with no concavity and perform 3-axis and 5-axis cuts, which allows for cuts at virtually any angle.

When cutting straight sheets, a die cutter can cut up to 100 sheets at once. Adherex utilizes advanced paper counting technology (the same tech used by the U.S. Treasury Department to count money) to ensure correct counts. Our customers often rely on these precise bundles to plan and fulfill their packages.

Additionally, our cutters can also cut the paper or foam to the shape of the glass or packaging, creating cut-outs for rack rails or other packaging specifications.


A shipping crate may often contain five to ten pieces of glass, which can be shipped in a returnable steel rack frame or wooden crate. Some glass panes may travel between different departments within an organization, and single-pane packaging is used for replacements.

Adherex often will receive these shipping crates, fill them with the custom glass packaging dunnage, and then label and return the crates or racks to the customer for final packing and fulfillment.

Additionally, Adherex provides solutions for plastic totes by building stackable totes using plastic corrugated material. We offer custom die-cut options, metal or plastic stacking rings, interior dunnage, and sonic welding.

Adherex innovation

For over fifty years, Adherex has helped our clients innovate. We work hard to craft custom packaging solutions that enable clients to add more pieces, keep costs low, and keep the parts safe.

If you are a glass manufacturer or supplier looking for customized packaging solutions that can lower breakage rates, improve performance, and reduce costs, then Adherex is the right partner for you.

Contact us today to learn more about our innovative solutions for dunnage, paper interleaving, and returnable packaging Let us help you accelerate your business growth with our trusted, proven, and timely solutions.

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