Combatting Packaging Costs with Pre-stretched Hand Film

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Manufacturers, shippers, warehouses–any business that routinely deals with pallets–must carefully consider their processes when wrapping pallets or other loads for transportation. Incorrectly wrapping a pallet or choosing the wrong film can be disastrous. When the pallet wrap breaks, the product can spill or be damaged. If the film is applied backward (sticky side out), it can adhere to nearby products, causing damage or contamination.

On the other hand, optimizing the wrapping process can generate incredible benefits, including lower shipping costs, less spending on film, and more secure shipping. One type of film that promises some of these benefits is pre-stretched hand film. What exactly is pre-stretched film? How do you know if it is the right choice for your application? Read on to find out.

What is pre-stretched hand film?

Pre-stretched hand film (also known as pre-stretch film or pre-stretched stretch wrap) offers several advantages, including cost savings, compared to traditional stretch film.

Pre-stretch film is a kind of stretch wrap film that undergoes a unique manufacturing process. The film is stretched near its breaking point and then wound into rolls. The material is typically pre-stretched to roughly 90% tension during manufacture, which is why pre-stretched film has thinner gauges than traditional film.

Pre-stretch film is easier to unroll, which means it can also reduce worker fatigue and improve overall productivity. The pre-stretching creates a “memory” in the film that makes it contract more quickly around the pallet or load.

It’s essential to determine whether pre-stretch film is suitable for your facility by considering factors such as the type of product being wrapped, the level of protection required, and the equipment used. By weighing the benefits and factors, you can make an informed decision on whether to switch to pre-stretch film.

Key benefits of pre-stretched film

  1. Material Efficiency: Pre-stretched film is pre-stretched during manufacturing, which means it has already been elongated before reaching the user. This results in a higher yield per roll, as less material is needed to wrap the same load than traditional stretch film.
  2. Reduced Film Consumption: Because the film is pre-stretched, users typically require less film to wrap pallets or products securely. This reduction in film usage contributes to cost savings over time.
  3. Labor Savings: As less physical effort is required to stretch the film during application, labor costs associated with wrapping pallets are reduced. Workers can apply the film more easily and quickly, increasing overall efficiency.
  4. Increased Load Stability: Pre-stretched film usually provides better load containment and stability due to its pre-stretched state, resulting in fewer damaged or shifted goods during transportation and reducing the likelihood of product losses and associated costs.
  5. Faster Wrapping: Pre-stretched film requires less force to apply, leading to a quicker wrapping process that increases productivity and minimizes time spent on wrapping operations.
  6. Consistent Film Thickness: Pre-stretched film is manufactured with consistent thickness throughout the roll, ensuring uniform performance. This consistency helps in maintaining load integrity and stability.
  7. Waste Reduction: With the optimized stretching process during manufacturing and efficient application, pre-stretched film can help reduce waste, contributing to environmental sustainability and potentially lowering disposal costs.
  8. Compatibility with Automated Systems: Pre-stretched film is often well-suited for use in automated packaging systems, where its consistent properties and reduced film consumption can lead to improved system efficiency.
  9. User-Friendly: The reduced physical effort required to stretch the film makes it more user-friendly, potentially decreasing the risk of injuries related to the application of the stretch film.

The exact amount of cost savings can differ based on various factors like the kind of products being wrapped, the specific application, and the effectiveness of the wrapping process. To find the most appropriate packaging solution for their requirements, businesses should carry out a thorough cost analysis and consult experts.

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Applications of pre-stretched film

Specific applications are more appropriate for pre-stretched film. Any scenario where workers are hand-applying film is an ideal usage of a pre-stretched hand film. Workers can walk forward while unspooling the film to wrap around the pallet, which is safer than walking backward as they must during unspooling traditional stretch wrap. Because the film is pre-stretched, workers don’t need to apply as much force to unspool and wrap, minimizing fatigue.

Additionally, hand film is compatible with machine wrapping applications. Because less tension is needed to apply the film, less electricity is required by the wrapping equipment. Pre-stretched film can also save your business on the cost of pre-stretching equipment, which can run upwards of $10K.

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Which film is suitable for your business?

These are the key points to keep in mind regarding pre-stretched film:

  • It is ideal for hand application, especially when workers lack the strength to tighten traditional film by hand, have difficulty handling the rolls of film, or need to wrap irregularly shaped loads.
  • Pre-stretched film uses less product and which is a greener solution for eco-conscious brands.
  • When deciding between pre-stretched film and regular gauge stretch wrap, it’s essential to remember that price is just one of several factors to consider. To make the best choice for your needs, it’s important to focus on the specific requirements of your application.
  • Consider the load’s irregularity, as well as puncture and tear resistance, when choosing the best stretch film for the load type.
  • In some cases, the correct type of pre-stretched wrap can eliminate the need for a stretch wrap machine.
  • Think about special qualities such as UV protection for added protection.
  • Printed pre-stretched hand film incorporates logos and branding to increase marketing visibility.
  • Consult with stretch wrap experts before making your final decision.

The film material experts

Pre-stretched hand film can help your organization save on shipping costs and stabilize loads. However, choosing the correct film and ensuring proper implementation requires expert knowledge. You can get clarity on these topics by working with an experienced provider like Stretchtape. A knowledgeable provider will ensure compliance with industry standards. You can rely on our expertise to decide which film or printing method suits your needs.

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